CAMMUA Makeup School Reviews and Testimonials   

Cammua is a great makeup school. I learned so much from the instructor, and they help you out in every step of the way. They answer all of your questions and will always be there if you need help. Thank you!

Hanh T. 8-29-12


Cammua was a great experience. I’ve always worn makeup but never did I know the technique that I learned here. The girls I worked with were great, and I feel privileged to have been taught by the best!


Esmeralda H. 8-29-12


Thank you very much for the opportunity to improve my skills. Your class was wonderful and I cannot wait to practice all that I have learned!

Jennifer D. 8-21-12


Attending Cammua has been a very positive experience for me. Patient and caring instructor. They walked me through the class and made sure I had each lesson down before I finished the course. Makeup is a second act for me after working in civil service and private industry for over 30 years. I thought the photo shoot would be intimidating but the instructor and the photographer made me feel completely comfortable and the shoot turned out better than expected. They also provided a wonderful model. I would recommend Cammua to anyone considering makeup as a career.

Tanya R. 8-11-12


I am very happy with Cammua and the whole program. When I first was introduced to the school and the experience was very pleasant, then I got to take the 6 day course which helped me learn the foundation of makeup and hair. My instructor for the hair and makeup program was very nice and knowledgeable about what they're teaching. I had a great experience here and I will definitely refer my friends and anyone I know want to learn makeup and hair to Cammua. Thank you!

Zhasmena Z. 7-27-12


I had a fantastic time! The instructors were SO informative! It was a lot of info to take in, so I may retake the class on a future date to make sure I didn’t forget anything! The business portion of the course was priceless info that I had been dying to learn! Thank you so much for everything that was taught in the course! 5 stars!

Kat M. 7-27-12


I loved the classes, very informative and very easy to understand. The instructors were very nice and went into detail on everything that was covered in class. The makeup kit is great and has everything I need to get started. The instructor answered every question I already had and gave me more information on the questions I asked.

Amber F. 7-27-12


I knew nothing about makeup artistry or hairstyling before attending Cammua. I learned many techniques and styles. The best part for me personally is having the opportunity to come back and refresh my new skills….for free! Being able to retake classes allows me to perfect my skills and build confidence in my abilities.

Shay S. 7-22-12


All the classes I have taken at Cammua have been so helpful. Fantastic teacher! They are so knowledgeable and they are always available to help you, even after class is over. The hair class I completed today was awesome! I was so “hair challenged” but now I feel confident enough to keep practicing. I have taken several classes through Cammua and they have all been wonderful! I will keep coming back to Cammua!

Jamie C. 7-22-12


Great School! I learned so much in just five days. I would totally refer Cammua to anyone who is interested in doing makeup artistry. Joe and Gia are so helpful and friendly. I feel very lucky to have attended Cammua.

Jillian S. 7-22-12


I have been looking at makeup schools for a while. I have been doing hair/makeup for friends and family events for 7 years …for FREE! Yes, free! Simply because I was not confident enough in myself to charge. I found this program by accident but am happy I did. The schedule and locations are super flexible. You can take whatever courses you feel you need and if you feel you need more practice in something you can go back and retake the class for free. The owners were both super awesome on the phone and in our first meeting. My instructor was super knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions answer questions and even move a little bit off topic to discuss different techniques and styles. My instructor and I spent three weekends together. It was awesome, I’m sad that I won’t see them for awhile! I was doubtful at first but my doubts have been erased! Definitely check this place out!

Victoria P. 7-22-12


The class was amazing! I was taught something new every day and I loved it. I will definitely be back and I recommend this class to anyone who wants to pursue a career in makeup artistry! Take this class!

Brianna P. 7-13-12


I spent a great time learning different techniques in doing makeup. I met a great friendly staff and I really love to work with them!

Ahlam A. 7-13-12


This was by far the best experience. I have learned far more than I imagined! There is no way I could have done it without the staff and owners, they are not your typical instructors and are so down to earth. Their passion shows in class and motivates me. I can’t say thank you enough. I appreciated everything. I will always recommend this school. Thank you!

Casandra T. 7-13-12


I absolutely loved the airbrush class-Fx class ! I learned so much, including tips and tricks. The class offered tons of information and techniques. I would definitely take another class with Cammua and recommend it to makeup artists of all levels!

Brittany B. 3-12-12


Cammua was definitely a learning experience. Whether you know a little or a lot this Academy gives you the tools you”ll need to become an artist. Not only your instructor but your class mates will help you along your way. Cammua can fit any budget to prepare you for your future career!

Marissa J. 4-11-12


It was an amazing experience !! Learned so much and had fun. Very practical and to the point which was perfect for me.

Claudia G. 3-31-12


Love the program, will highly recommend Cammua. Instructors are awesome, Thanks.

Jenny G. 3-31-12


After searching and searching school after school Im glad I made the right choice by attending Cammua. Seriously the best investment Ive made. You learn so much and are hands on which I love. Gia is the best teacher ever, She will teach you what you need to know about the industry and make sure you are ready to begin your career and put yourself out there with confidence. And Joe is just the nicest along with Bianca. Just the nicest people. I walked into cammua to learn and nothing more and in return I learned more than what I expected and got to know 3 of the greatest people I know and now consider family. Thanks Gia Bianca and Joe !

Kari 3-31-12


I took the two day course and was totally impressed by the various techniques we learned in such a small period of time. The teacher was very thorough and explained everything and went into tons of detail for every step. I learned so many things and cant wait to use everything I have learned on my clients.

Nancy Z. 3-31-12


I liked that it was a small group and I loved that as soon as we learned something new we immediately practiced it. This is a super hands on experience. It is fast paced but makes sense . Teacher is super honest so if you do a bad job they will let you know. And will tell you how to fix it. And if you do a great job, she lets you know that to. You will not just learn how to do great makeup you will also learn how to start your career as a makeup artist. Great atmosphere.

Jolanne 3-31-12


It was a wonderful experience here at Cammua Makeup Academy I love the staff. I learned a lot and they always answer my questions.

Nina P. 3-31-13


I really loved the 5 day class I took. The people are very nice and the classes are very flexible also, it was extremely fun! I learned so much in such a short time. The fact that it was a short time also meant that you can get a career or work started fast. I would definitely recommend this school to other people. Thank you Cammua.

Aleena S. 3-27-12


I learned a lot coming to Cammua makeup academy. I wanted to learn more. I loved my class mates and teacher. Great experience and learning experience.

Gwendy M. 3-12-12


My experience at cammua Academy was great. I met wonderful friends and our instructor was awesome. Im really going to miss them. When I first started I didn’t know much stuff about applying makeup on customers but going to school at Cammua made me know the smallest details. It was a great experience.

Carmina G. 3-12-12


The whole week was AWESOME! I’ve learned so much from Bianca she is a great instructor!!! Thanks so much for everything.

Sylvia R. 3-12-12


First I would like to express how happy I am that I attended Cammua. It is everything in a makeup school I was looking for. It is mostly hands on with some lecture to really explain and understand the application of makeup, which is how I learn best. They are phenomenal instructors. They are caring about students and as well helpful. They really wants their students to do well. I appreciate them and their knowledge as my instructors. Cammua is beyond a great makeup school. I felt as if I were part of a family and I know if I ever have any questions or concerns in the future I know tte staff will be there to help and advise me. As well as graduated students. I would also like to add the classes really emphasize on cleanliness which is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend to come to cammua.

Laura H. 3-12-12


Cammua gave me the confidence and skills to do makeup on someone other than myself. I love it that I can come back free anytime and brush up on my skills. Thanks CAMMUA.

Melonie S. 3-12-12


I had the best experience at CAMMUA from day 1 all the way to my last day. My teachers were amazing, their techniques are very easy to learn in a fast/short period of time. I learned so much in a 3 day period. I looked around for a long time looking for sessions that only focused on makeup and I have to say CAMMUA was the best choice. I truly recommend this school for any aspiring makeup artist.

Rosemary Serrano 2-11-2012


Going to CAMMUA makeup artist school was a life changing experience. Meeting Gia and Joe , who are amazing and caring people. Gia is a great teacher and will make sure you are on the right path to success.

Stephanie Barker 1-11-2012


My experience at CAMMUA’s Basic Beauty course was awesome! The course was fun, fast paced, and taught me so much in only two days. Instructors are very passionate about what they do and it shows in their quality of instruction. I highly recommend Cammua to anyone who has a passion for makeup! I will definently be back for further my training. Thanks Gia and Joe!

Gabriela Vallesi 1-8-2012


Better than I expected !!! From not knowing anything, to learning how to match foundations to different skin tones…is huge ! Totally recommend to anyone and everyone.

Charry Savath Hon 1-8-2012


I had a great experience at CAMMUA Makeup Artist School. I recommend this make up school to everyone because you will learn more from them in days than else where that takes months. They are great instructors that have a passion for the school and students.

Vanessa Ray 1-8-2012


My experience at CAMMUA Makeup School was amazing. In just three days I learned a lot. Mostly technique and all about being a makeup artist. The teachers are so friendly and fun to be around for so long. They are very informative and helpful, watching as you go. I can’t wait to come back and get better.

Amanda Gottlieb 12-29-2011


After researching many schools the most appealing thing was customizing the length of schooling. I am adding to my career so these shorter programs fit into my schedule. I traveled from out of state to get the best education and I got it. Cammua is a top notch school because of their amazing talent. I give it 5 stars !!! :)

Leight Tarrant 12-30-2011


CAMMUA is a great way to learn everything about the make up world, Gia is a great motherly, authority figure (LOL) but she does want you to succeed and she gives you the tools that you need to do so. Although I was intimidated in the beginning I don’t think I will be able to stay away from Gia now or her beautiful daughter Bianca “Baby B”!. Thanks for believing in me and not letting me give up just because I couldn’t get the hang of certain things. Much Love G-dogg. See you soon !!!!

Keara 12-23-2011


CAMMUA is an adventure. One may have a hard time understanding the concepts or may pass with ease. Whatever your circumstance, if you be hurdled in the industry at full force, CAMMUA is for you.. The teachers here know EVERYTHING about the business and what it entails. Do it!!!!

Tiffany Vasquez 12-23-2011


I had a wonderful time at CAMMUA. The book is first class as are the instructors. They showed me more than I could comprehend and are so great. They have offered help when I felt I needed it. I am positive this has helped me in getting to my goal. Thanks so much all of you!

Linda Cook 12-23-2011


My experience at Cammua was awesome. I found out about the school through a fashion magazine. I researched the program, I was skeptical at first because of the short classes. But after being taught, I am glad I chose this type of program. Cammua teaching methods are wonderful and you are able to learn the material in the time given. Our second instructor Bianca was also wonderful, she was extremely helpful and unjudgemental. Another wonderful thing about the program is that they allow you to refresh any portion you are uncomfortable with as many times until you are confident for no extra charge. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone especially people who work because it’s not lengthy.

Daisy 12-22-2011


When I completed the 6 day artistry course I left feeling confident that I would be able to achieve my goal working as a make up artist. We received all the tools and techniques that will allow me to work and continually improve. I will definitely tell anyone that is interested in make-up artistry business to check out CAMMUA. They are fabulous instructors.

Michelle McEntrye 11-19-2011


I researched dozens of make up artistry schools before attending CAMMUA. Compared to the rest, Gia Deo’s method of teaching is superior and of top notch quality! I am totally satisfied with my over all experience and self-assured that I chose the best school. Thanks Gia!

Sacha Manuel 11-19-2011


Before signing up for the 6 day Class I was very skeptical about being able to learn how to do makeup in so little time. Now that I am done I’m so glad I did it. The teacher is so knowledgeable and does not hold back on the knowledge. Christina who taught the hair class was also great! I recommend CAMMUA to anyone looking to become a professional makeup artist, it’s the best !

Maricela Gonzalez 11-19-2011


I felt the classes I took at CAMMUA were amazing! The tips I learned from Gia’s techniques took my knowledge to a whole other level. What I learned in 5 classes, is what most students learn in a year. I would recommend CAMMUA to any individual wanting to further their career as a make up artist, or anyone just wanting to gain skills to apply their own make up. Gia Deo is an amazing artist and I suggest every aspiring artist to learn her techniques of make up.

Valerie Nichols 11-19-2011


What can I say ! It turned out to be everything I expected and way more. I finally know the proper techniques for applying make up. I love my kit. The quality of the products are the best of the best. Our make up manual is amazing. It easily explains in detail everything we need to know from hygeine to make up applications to how to work with clients.. Over experience was great and alot of fun !

Vanessa Iacovelli - Canada 11-16-2011


I was kind of skeptical at first when I first heard about a makeup school that teaches you all about makeup artistry in just a few days to a week. But after I took the 3 day course, I was BLOWN AWAY at how much I learned each day ! I feel so comfortable leaving this school and doing makeup on clients. It took me from being shy and nervous ant makeup application, to super confident ! I would recommend CAMMUA to absolutely anyone who wanted to become a GREAT makeup artist ! It was the best makeup school by far !

Ashley Enders 11-16-2011